• Alternative Energy

    Brydon Engineering has been developing and advancing alternative energy technologies since 2005. Experts in high energy density hydrogen storage for fuel cell applications, solar power systems, and fully self-sustaining off-grid designs that incorporate technologies including passive solar heating/cooling, wind/solar electric power, solar thermal hot water heating, rainwater harvesting/gray water recycling, and sewage composting for remote survival retreats, recreational properties, or other isolated off-grid application.

    BE can provide solutions in the areas of:

    • Product development
    • Engineering Design
    • Consulting
    • Prototype Manufacturing
    • Transition into Production
    • Quality Control
    • Testing Services
    • Self Sustainability Assessments and Consulting
    • Sustainable and Off-Grid Designs
    Engineering Concepts and Designs

    FC Concept

    300W Concept

    Prototype Systems


    Solar System

    Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Analysis

    Flow Model

    Thermal Image

    Heat Transfer

    Design Qualification and Testing

    Test System