• Audi S2 Coupe Project-Almost there…again.

    by  • August 31, 2012 • 1991 Audi CQ S2 Conversion

    Reassembled the engine and got it mostly buttoned up tonight. Cleaned up the wiring some more. It is nice and tidy. Strut brace is mounted and got my timing belt cover installed this time around.

    I also got a bunch of OEM shrouding that goes behind the PS headlight for the airbox. It now has almost all of the factory shrouding in place. I may need to get a new coolant reservoir. I’m not sure I can stand to leave that brownish thing in there much longer. Then I guess I would need to replace the brake reservoir, too…Ugh.

    I was hoping to get the cruise control installed, but it will need custom brackets for the pump (as it interferes with the strut brace) and the actuator (it interferes with the dizzy when using the mounts on the ABY intake). So that will have to wait a bit.

    Filled her with some break-in oil, got it running and up to temp…no leaks…the lifters quieted down pretty quickly.

    It’s looking more like an S2 in there…

    Pretty dusty, though, as it’s been dormant for a few months. Then it’s just putting some more pearl on the DS fender and blacking out the lower part of the bumpers.

    I’m planning on leaving the 4×108 wheels on as the tires are practically brand new. I will offer the 5X112 swap parts to go along for anyone interested.


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