• Audi S2 Coupe Project-Skiing at Park City and Solitude

    by  • February 27, 2012 • 1991 Audi CQ S2 Conversion

    No real updates here…just a bit of driving here and there over the winter. I mostly drive the Pathfinder as I am usually on real short trips and barely get the cars warmed up. And there is no shortage of salt on the roads around here, especially where I am in the vicinity of the canyons. I think I need a beater 4kqt to play with in the snow.

    Took the CQ up to PCMR the other day as I had some friends in town who wanted to ski the parks up there. I guess we’re not missing much elsewhere anyway.

    And played around with some over-the-top tone mapping with some bracketed images I had taken last year. I made some much more toned-down versions too.


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