• Coilover Perch Rings – Weld On

    These solid steel precision machined rings can be welded to your existing strut uprights (after removing stock coil spring perches) to provide a perch for the threaded collars used for the coilovers. These are set up for use on all Audi strut assemblies used on the B2, B3, B4 and urS C4 (front only) chassis cars from 1983 up until 1996. They provide a much cleaner look than those cut from sheet metal as a result of tighter tolerances, improved surface finish, and the ledge being of a smaller diameter.

    Please specify the size when ordering.
    Option 1: AUD-520-011 Rings for 50mm OD strut tubes (early one piece)
    Option 2: AUD-520-012 Rings for 55mm OD strut tubes (later one and two piece, urS4/6)

    Priced for a set of (4) rings.

    Custom sizes also available. Please inquire.

    Coilover Perch Rings - Weld On
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    1AUD-520-011 - Set of 4 Rings - 50mm OD Struts$49.991.00 lb
    2AUD-520-012 - Set of 4 Rings - 55mm OD Struts$49.991.00 lb
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    0.00 lb$7.49$19.99$24.99$29.99