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    • Head Machining – Audi I5 20V Turbo Specification7A-head-machining-2011-11-22-006-edit

      As the Audi R5 20VT engine gets older and older, crack and damage-free turbo cylinder heads are becoming more rare and consequently more expensive. Because the original 20VT engine was found on very few cars in the USA (3B: 1991 200TQ, AAN: 1992-1995 S4/S6), an alternative is to use the 7A normally aspirated 20V head [...]

    • Head/Block Machining – Deck Coolinghouston 83 urq 2012-08-21 005 (Medium)

      The Audi Sport works engines from the heydays of Group B rally racing pushed the power of the 20VT I5 engines to levels that required additional cooling to ensure the engines would hold together through an entire stage of left-foot braking and high duty cycle positive boost pressures. The closed deck design of the engines, [...]

    • Hub Machininghubs_urs_machined_small

      As a service, we can machine your existing urS/V8 hubs for small chassis bearing housing clearance as a popular low cost and readily available alternative to the S2 front hubs for changing your car hub bolt pattern from 4X108 to 5X112. These hubs sit inboard approximately 5mm from the standard S2/CQ hubs, so a spacer [...]