• Washer – Cylinder Head – Audi Sport Quattro

    Using ARP or similar high strength head clamping hardware in your performance engine build is a good choice. However, when clamping down with increased force on the soft aluminum seating surfaces of an alloy head, such as that found in the I5 20VT engines, problems can arise due to the small clamping area of the supplied washers. They can permanently deform the head around the stud bore, which subsequently displaces material into the stud bores creating clearance problems for future head removal or stud insertion/removal.

    The solution is to use larger diameter clamping washers such as those used in the Audi Sport Quattro (VAG P/N: 035 103 377). These are not readily available, so we have sourced replacements with nearly identical measurements to the ones originally supplied by Audi for the Sport Quattro motors. Our washers provide a 54% increase in clamping area over the washers supplied in the ARP head stud kits for these engines. Don’t leave your expensive investment to chance with undersized washers.

    Priced each or as a set. A 5 cylinder head requires (12) for a full set. A 4 cylinder head requires (10) for a full set.

    Washer - Cylinder Head - Sport Quattro
    Product Options
    1Washer - Individual$1.790.10 lb
    2Washer - Set of 12$17.990.50 lb
    3Washer - Set of 10$15.990.50 lb
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    0.00 lb$7.49$19.99$24.99$29.99